1. I don’t have computer access. Can I apply on site on their computers or fill out a paper application?

Contact support anytime and they will help you with that.

2. Does Wise P Logistics provide direct deposit?

Yes. Wise P Logistics pays its drivers through either Direct Deposit or Zelle.

3. What kind of freight does Wise P Logistics haul?

Wise P Logistics provides dry foods/products and non hazmat products ground transportation

4. Are you hiring?

Yes. WISE P LOGISTICS is always looking for new drivers and owners operators to join its team. You can fill out the application form here.

5. Does Wise P Logistics service Canada and Mexico?

No. Wise P Logistics provides services only in continental United States excluding Alaska

6. I’m an owner operator / driver, and I would like to join Wise P Logistics. How can I apply?

You can apply by visiting www.wiseplogistics.com/apply. We receive a lot of applications. Applications are processed and evaluated in the order they were received. Applicants with appropriate qualifications will be contacted for further actions and documentations if qualified to move further in the application process.

7. How often drivers get home?

Our drivers are home on weekends for reset

8. I still have additional questions to ask. How can I contact Wise P Logistics?

If you have additional questions, you can send us a message in the contact form or call us directly on +1 (502) 277 2413. You can also send us an email at contact@wiseplogistics.com or chat with us on our website.