Wise P Logistics takes pride in providing specialized equipment and exceptional service to meet the unique requirements of a variety of customer needs. As one of the leading logistic service providers based in Louisville Kentucky, we excel at a range of logistic services, which includes FTL transportation of non-perishable and non-hazmat general freight throughout the continental United States excluding Alaska. We have years of experience in the business of logistics, warehousing, distribution, and trucking , and aim to provide our clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our the services that we provide. Our safety records is superb, and our drivers are experienced and efficient. We pride ourselves in helping our clients realize efficiencies by achieving deliveries on time and within budget. We offer competitive pricing, reliability, experience, and enhanced customer service.

Wise P Logistics operates a fleet of newer trucks to better serve our customers, many of which make products that consumers use every day. When you choose Wise P Logistics, you are choosing the best in the transportation industry and know that your shipments will be at the delivery destination safely, on time, and every time. Our team of experienced drivers and experts at all levels of our services have years of experience, which adds the credibility of an expert workforce. This also helps us in cutting down response time, and providing punctual delivery and services at all times, whether it is trucking service or warehousing services. Our goal is to make a positive difference in your business through our services, and build long term relationship with you. Our commitment to our clients can be seen by the amount of emphasis we lay on team work, customer support services and making technological upgrades in our logistic process and equipment from time to time.

Our experience in all the fields we serve in and the range of services we provide make us one of the most trustworthy logistic service providers in the nation. And, with the help of continuous support and trust of our clients, we aim to stay at the top of the game, and humbly so. We welcome you to our site, and request you to consult with our logistic experts for your logistic needs.